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What makes a good ecommerce store?

E-commerce is a booming industry with no sign of stopping anytime soon. No wonder so many online shopping portals have been cropping up lately. But not a lot of them hit gold, even the genuinely good ones. And for such ecommerce stores, more often than not their fates could be avoided by making sure their store had these few simple elements:


In this day & age, it is impossible to have a website which is non-responsive & still popular. A good website needs to be mandatorily responsive since most of the people browse online through their mobile phones. A bad experience of continuously shifting left & right & pinching in & pinching out is very tedious & avoided by customers on all websites, especially ecommerce stores.


There is no dearth of ecommerce stores today and you need to be visible in this crowd to draw a substantial traffic to your store. SEO will help you get a better ranking on search engines & increase your chance of acquiring a new customer. But be careful since the best SEO practices changes constantly. So if you are reading a 2004 guide for it, stop; as those tactics may not be applicable now.

Cross Browser

You never know which browser a customer is going to use so you need to be prepared for them all, or all of the popular ones anyway. Just because you like Chrome & your ecommerce store looks perfect on it, doesn’t mean it will look the same on say, Mozilla.

Search bar/button

A search bar/button is an essential part of your store. It improves your store’s User experience when they come back wanting a product & get it without going through multiple pages trying to find it.

Good Navigation

A good navigation is akin to a clean room. Anyone entering the room should know that if they want to look for clothes, the cupboard is the place to go. Or if they want books, a bookshelf is where they’ll find it. A nicely categorized navigation will make it easier for customers to find what they are interested in & also show all the types of products you sell in a nutshell.

Quick loading speed

Another mandatory requirement in this day & age. Your website needs to load in under 6 seconds tops. No excuses allowed whatsoever. This element could be a make or break for a customer ultimately purchasing from your store or not.

Subscribe button

Subscribe button is something everyone sees on all the good ecommerce stores. The main reason behind it, is to retain a customer. Imagine this, I come to your ecommerce store purchase something & leave. That shouldn’t be the end of me for you. If you had my email, you could keep me abreast of all the sales, offers, special news( like making delivery free or adding a new customer care helpline). This would remind me of you & I might keep coming back to buy more!


This element is absent more often than not but it is an extremely useful element! Imagine falling in love with a product only to find out that it is out of stock. Heartbreak, right? What if that’s not the end? What if you could be notified of when the product is back in stock? That’s exactly what a wishlist does. It also has this nifty feature of being able to share the wishlist. Neat thing for a birthday wishlist, right?

Reviews & Ratings

I can’t stress how important these are. People trust people. And that is nowhere as dominantly displayed as in an ecommerce store. Your customer could be on the fence about a product but a few good ratings & a great review helps them land on your side of the fence in no time!

Related products

A customer likes a product so why not upsell a few more products that could be liked as well? It’s a win-win for both you & the customer as you get the opportunity to sell more products while the customer has the opportunity to check out more products that he may like as well.

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